Pre Employment Screening as a Deterrent

How much time could an employer save if undesirable or unqualified applicants just didn’t apply for open positions in the first place?

Letting all applicants know – up front – that your company conducts a pre employment background check on everyone as part of the applicant screening process is often enough to discourage potential applicants who have something to hide from applying.  Let them know that you do check relevant claims on the resume, such as previous employers, education and address verifications, as well as the information contained on the application, and that you do conduct these checks early in the hiring process.  If an applicant seeking a position with your company is aware that he will be facing scrutiny through a comprehensive background check, he may either decide to not pursue the position at all or to be more open and honest when describing his past and abilities, allowing a decision to reached more expeditiously.

The earlier in the process an applicant reveals any potentially adverse information, the more likely the potential employer will be to consider the relativity of the information to the position offered.  The attitude of the applicant is often, “If I can just talk to the hiring manager, I can explain this issue”, but this approach will usually not work if information has been withheld, falsified or embellished by the applicant.  However, if the applicant is honest up front, the chances are greater that the message will be heard.

The bottom line is that the sooner an under qualified candidate removes himself from the pool of potential hires, the more time that can be spent qualifying candidates who are   would truly be good fits for the open positions.  Similarly, the sooner a lesser qualified individual is removed from the process by a pre employment screening process, the better for all concerned.

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