Controlling retail shrinkage before it controls you! Atlanta Georgia

It is sometimes interesting to look at the items that a shoplifter may choose to steal.  My team recently apprehended a shoplifter that took a lot of what you’d expect to see taken from a large retailer such as ours – makeup, cologne, etc.  She also took Kool-Aid.

Retail shrinkage is unpredictable.  While we can theorize on what a potential shoplifter may want to take from your business, there is no way to be 100% sure what will draw the attention of a thief.  That is why it is imperative to have good loss prevention procedures and training in place – to boost those profits and reduce the retail loss .

Retail shrinkage is also a very broad descriptor of loss.  It is, essentially, anything and everything that can possibly create a loss to your business.  This can be employees, vendor errors, shoplifters and paperwork errors.  Anything that creates a loss of profits by lost merchandise or assets.

Experts in the field of loss prevention can analyze your business and its practices, and develop plans to narrow that broad spectrum of retail shrinkage into a workable concept for you.  Once the type of shrinkage is narrowed down to what is occurring in your business, then you can begin to combat this retail loss , one shoplifter, employee thief, or dishonest vendor at a time.

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