In order to be a corporate fraud investigator , you may need skills you aren’t aware of.  It takes more than private investigator criminal catching know-how to be on the team that investigates corporate fraud.  There are a variety of crimes investigated by these individuals that range from tax evasion to embezzlement.

Corporate fraud crimes have a different scope, complexity and magnitude than your common everyday theft or fraud case contains.  The ramifications can have economic consequences for employees and communities and can often affect the entire investment market.

corporate fraud investigator has to have accounting expertise.  They must be able to identify anomalies in vast company financial records and book keeping transactions.  They must have excellent computer skills.  Where else do you think all those accounting records will be store, yep you got it, on a computer.

The corporate fraud investigator needs to also be a bit of a computer “hacker”.  Often times important documents have been password protected or encrypted to prevent detection.

According to several online sources and our own people a corporate fraud investigator has on average between 5 and 20 years of experience. The hourly rate is dependent on the experience level of the individual.

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