Employee fraud more of a temptation in poor economy and becoming tougher to tackle

The poor economy leads more people into employee fraud temptation.  They say there are three types of employees; those who fall into the ten percent who will never steal from you no matter what, those who will steal from you at some point if given the right opportunity at about 80%, and the final 10% who are going to steal from you no matter what.

So the eight percenters are the ones we need to watch, obviously now more than ever, being in these tough economic times.  And this 80% group is probably full of people you would think would never steal from you no matter what.  So how do you know who is a thief and who is not when you recognize you are having a problem somewhere and likely experiencing employee fraud of some kind?

Your CPA may be the first person you call to put some pieces of the puzzle together.  They will no doubt find issues.  So now what? You have some irregular activity identified, could be one or more of a few different employees.  How do you get to the truth without accusing all the potential suspects and damage relationships with good employees?  Answer, a professional corporate fraud investigator can get down to the truth without blowing anyone up, and they will protect you from the process.

We often work with CPAs and CFEs as a link in the chain of their unvestigation.  A trained employee fraud investigator from our team will utilize information gathered to lead them through specific interviewing tactics and ultimately interogation techniques if needed to deliver a written confession.  No rubber hoses or scare tactics necessary.

If you have a concern about internal theft and would like to learn more, please visit employee fraud.

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