Get control over retail shrinkage

If you are suffering from retail shrinkage problems you may feel like you have no control.  We will take a look at a few ways to get control into your hands to stop those issues and start making more money.

You probably have a “security system”.  This is a burglar alarm that you only arm when you are not there / store is closed.  To add to this basic level of security against burglary, consider installing motion detection light outdoors.  There are products designed for this, such as that offered by TAKEX.  Great deterrent that will hopefully keep thieves out.  You may be able to connect to your burglar alarm so that if the sensor is triggered it will set off the alarm and dial the central station.

During business hours is when most  retail loss occurs. And over 42% of your losses (based on industry average) are by employees.  Employee theft can be much more fatal than shoplifting because employees have access to sensitive info and typically steal ten times per occurrence more than a shoplifter.  Look for a loss prevention professional to hire for an audit.  These pros will identify vulnerabilities and help you set up policies and procedures to nip this issue in the bud…and might even identify an issue with an employee.  At that point they can help you through how to process the employee theft investigation etc… to get the best possible end result for your business and good employees.

Consider a Checkpoint systems retail shrinkage control system.  This system tags merchandise with security devices that come in a variety of sizes, shapes and even paper labels.  The devices will interact with sensors at doorways and actively alert when there is a theft in progress.

For more information on how to develop a loss prevention plan, visit: retail shrinkage control



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