Reasons you may want to get help with an employee theft investigation

There are reasons why you may want to get help with an employee theft investigation and by help I do not mean calling the police (I’ll get back to that).

When you get an idea you may have a problem with internal theft you likely have a rush of thoughts and feelings about what is happening to you/ your business and maybe even some thoughts about specific employees you feel may be suspect of internal theft. Often times business managers and owners make the fatal mistake of reacting in a way that alerts the thief and allows them to cover tracks and or prepare themselves for accusations.  Sometimes the knee jerk reaction is to point fingers at employees too quickly, those who are innocent.  These reactions can cause some damage to the team and effectiveness of any organization.

Back to the police…calling the police before you have a proper case documented including a written confession can blow your chances of ever getting justice.  Police are simply not trained to be experts at internal theft /  corporate fraud and they are not likely to conduct a corporate fraud investigation or employee theft investigation when they have piles of dangerous criminals committing crimes regularly, missing children to find and so on.  It is simply a matter of not being a priority and I do not mean that in a negative way against law enforcement in any way.

Hiring a professional for your employee theft investigation who knows how to build a rock solid case with proof including getting written confessions is a very smart and cost effective way to get solutions.  And it insulates you from the employees protecting you from creating uncomfortable feelings with your good employees in the process.

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