Protecting Your Profits This Summer

In many parts of the country, school will be out soon and the plans for a summer vacation will come sooner than expected. And even though an article in Money magazine states that 56% of Americans haven’t had a vacation in 12 months, the place that most Americans visit when they Do take a vacation is Florida.

Vacationers are a good thing for local economies.  Hotels, restaurants, and other businesses that depend on vacationers see an increase in sales and profits during the summer months due to the increase in customers.  Retail stores see an increase in walk-in customers too but have to be careful to protect some items in the store if they want to preserve those profits.

What are some of the items you need to protect during the summer months?

  1. Swimwear and sportswear – Tagging your swimwear and sportswear with an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tag can help you prevent the shoplifting of that article.
  2. Hats, visors, and baseball caps are all items that are in demand during these months due to the weather. If you are a store frequented by tourists, displaying these items where they can be overseen by the cashiers could prevent them from being stolen.
  3. Sunglasses – There are many things that are stolen every year that make no sense, but sunglasses are small, beautiful accessories that are sought by everyone.  They can be easily stolen because of their size, and perhaps the accessibility the shoplifter has to pocket them without being caught. There are Enhanced Performance Labels that are placed directly on the UPC label for items such as sunglasses, makeup, and other small items to deter the shoplifter from taking them.
  4. Sunscreens and mosquito repellents are items that many people on vacation need.  These items are small and easily concealed in people’s purses, oversize shirts or even the pockets of their clothing.  Placing an Enhanced Performance Label on these items can greatly reduce the chance they will be stolen.
  5. Drinks and especially alcoholic drinks are easy items to steal, especially for the young people with no I.D

Many retail stores’ profit margins are slim,  and shoplifting does not only put a dent in their profits, it can also mean bankruptcy for some of them.  As you train your employees and make them aware of the issues in the store, shoplifting has to be at the top of them. If employees and the management of the store work together to keep a vigilant eye for shoplifters and keep an up to the date inventory of the store, they will prevent shoplifting and increase your profit margins.