Policies and Procedures Concerning Shoplifting

Shoplifting crimes increase every year.  Mall security, loss prevention personnel and police departments across the nation work together to prevent shoplifting. But, that is not enough. The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention states that the United States loses billions of dollars every year due to shoplifting, and those statistics are not getting better.  Police departments across the nation are constantly called to these retail store due to a shoplifting incident that they have to take care of. By knowing what the response to a shoplifting is, your employees can readily take care of the problem without jeopardizing their safety.

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Winnipeg mom carrying diaper bag refused entry to Canadian Tire

What was supposed to be a quick pit stop at a local Canadian Tire has left a Winnipeg mom angry and speaking out.

On Friday, Stephanie Stachowich was trying to go shopping at the Regent Avenue location to buy a few items.

She had her two daughters, 3-years-old and 7-months-old, with her and was carrying a diaper bag filled with necessities along with her keys and wallet.

“As I walked in I saw a staff member spot me right away,” Stachowich told Global News.  “She simply told me straight out I could not bring my diaper bag into the store.”

Stachowich said there were no signs regarding bag policies posted and she wasn’t given a choice to have her bag searched or checked. She was simply told the diaper bag was not allowed in the store.

Theft and drugs having affects on Retail business

A panel of retail and law enforcement representatives discussed recent trends related to drug laws, sentencing reform and retail theft at the Council of State Retail Association’s (CSRA) Annual Meeting in Portland earlier this month.

The topic resonated with the audience for several reasons. The link between drug addiction and property crimes is well-known and drives many policy discussions related to criminal justice reform. And retailers have a front row seat to witness the effects of both addiction and changes in sentencing guidelines.

After voters passed Proposition 47 in 2014, California implemented some of the nation’s sharpest reductions in penalties, reducing many drug-related and theft crimes to misdemeanors. Property crimes in many counties have increased more than 25% since the ballot measure passed and made all thefts of less than $950 a misdemeanor.

Another factor driving up thefts has been the opioid crisis, said Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert. Some California counties had more opioid prescriptions than people in 2016, she said, citing a Sacramento Bee article. (To read the article, click here.)

Convenience store manager fires gun after shoplifting incident

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – An E. Washington St. convenience store manager is under investigation for firing his gun at a shoplifter.

It happened Monday night at Sam’s Food Mart & Tobacco Store.

Eyewitness News spoke with one of the store clerks about why the manager decided to fire his weapon.

The clerk said the shooting happened after his co-worker chased a customer through the front door and into the parking lot. The shoplifter left with a couple of items without paying for them.

Someone flagged down an IMPD officer to report the incident.

Eyewitness News has learned the shoplifter stole a bag of Planters peanuts and a package of Hostess Zingers.