Why you may want to seek help from a Corporate Fraud Investigator

If you are aware that your business is suffering from internal theft you likely have a CPA or CFE working on gathering accounting evidence to identify the source of the problem, maybe you contacted an attorney to lead the quest or play a role.  What you may not be aware of is the option to contract hire a corporate fraud investigator as a link in the chain of your corporate fraud investigation, or how they fit with the experts already on the task.

Typically a good CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner – usually a CPA with specialized training and certification) will find the forensic evidence needed to point towards suspects. This is similar to how an attorney gathers evidence and information to build a case that he or she believes will win the favor of a judge panel or jury in court.

A good corporate fraud investigator with a loss prevention background will often come into play when interviewing employees and or interrogating suspects.  This specific skill set is based on training from organizations such as the John Reid & Associates Institute or Wicklander – Zulawski & Associates.  These skills lead the corporate fraud investigator to orchestrate interviews in a particular order and style based on the evidence compiled by the CPA – CFE etc…  The results are written confessions through non confrontational techniques and a complete case file that can be handed over to authorities ready for processing in criminal court if desired.

Calling a corporate fraud investigator up front may help avoid some costs in the overall process depending on the experience of the CPA and or attorney on the case.  The trained investigator can help guide the investigation offering some specific direction to the team that will reduce the amount of time necessary to land on a confession.  This saved time means saved dollars spent on hourly fees etc…

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