Anti Shoplifting Checkpoint Tags are Alarming

Anti shoplifting Checkpoint tags used as part of a retail theft prevention plan along with Checkpoint Security Systems EAS protection of vulnerable high theft merchandise is alarming!

The shoplifters think it’s alarming because once the Checkpoint Security System is installed in the store, they will have to decide on another retailer to visit in order to continue to commit their crime undetected.  The customer can’t remove the Checkpoint tags once they’re attached.

The Checkpoint security tag is also alarming when it passes through the detection field of the Checkpoint Systems antennas located at the store’s entrance.  The audible alarm and flashing light (on most models) alert store staff to the fact that Checkpoint tags are still attached to articles that are leaving the store and require attention.  An employee using a special detacher specifically designed by Checkpoint Systems removes the tags at the point of sale.

Anti shoplifting applications for the Checkpoint security tags are designed for almost any type of merchandise, including specialty items.  The RF (Radio Frequency) technology used in Checkpoint Security Systems is the very latest and most advanced in the industry for retailers.  Also alarming for shoplifters is that the retailer can pick and choose which merchandise to protect.  Shoplifters will definitely avoid stores that utilize a Checkpoint Security System as part of its anti shoplifting strategy.  Apparel, sports gear, hardware, electronics, and almost any other type of merchandise you can imagine can be protected by one of Checkpoint Systems selection of hard tags or Checkpoint labels.

Checkpoint labels are best suited for items that a tag won’t work well on because of size or material, such as boxed or packaged items.

One thing a retailer won’t be alarmed about is the improvement in inventory shortage figures once an anti shoplifting program including Checkpoint Security Systems is used in his store.

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