Use a Background Check Company To Reduce Your Losses

Many retail loss prevention experts agree, and numerous studies confirm, that the largest percentage of shrink – unexplained inventory losses – and cash shortages are caused by employee theft, which is why so many use a background check company for pre hire screening.

The question retailers having a problem with employee theft might ask themselves is: Did I hire a thief or did my policies and procedures encourage an honest person to steal?

An employer can’t know for certain what is in the mind of his potential employee. But he can check into the employee’s past to determine if there is a propensity for property crimes like theft, or crimes of violence such as assault and/or battery through a search conducted by a background check company.

The past of an applicant can be revealed by a criminal history check in the jurisdiction where the applicant resides by an examination of public records relating to arrests, convictions, and sentences handed down by the courts. Although a past record is not an absolute indicator of future actions, it can be argued that a person with multiple arrests for similar types of crimes might be expected to revert to that behavior at some point.

A person’s history of drug or alcohol abuse might also be revealed.

If your employees have access to your property and cash, or have contact with the public, a background investigation can reduce a business owner’s losses as well as his possible liability for an employee’s actions.

It makes sense to start with an honest employee.

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Why Get A Criminal Background Check On Potential Hires

What results can an employer expect to find in a pre-employment criminal background check?

The first decision an employer must make in requesting a criminal background check is to determine how broad the search should be: national, statewide, or at the county level.  There is currently no national criminal record search available, except in very limited situations when an FBI fingerprint check is required.  The results of such a check take from 4 to 6 weeks to be returned to the inquirer.

A statewide search is broad, but can miss some crimes, as the statewide repository information is made up of arrests and dispositions reported by the various courts in the state, some of which may not report regularly if at all.  A county check is thorough and detailed, but will not uncover crimes committed in other counties or jurisdictions.  Not all statewide repositories are equal: some are limited as to years reported, severity of the crimes reported, and whether there has been a conviction or not.  Some do not report pending cases.  It pays to be aware of the limitations of the repositories that are used for the criminal check.

The FCRA, the agency that regulates the background industry, allows background screening companies to report all convictions revealed by the check; arrests with dispositions other than convictions may only be reported back seven years.

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What Is A Background Check

Wikipedia defines background check or background investigation as the following: “A background check or background investigation is the process of looking up and compiling criminal records, commercial records and financial records (in certain instances such as employment screening) of an individual.”

Before you hire, be sure to do your homework on the candidate with a thorough background check or pre-employment screening.   You can learn about how the candidate manages their finances, what their driving record and criminal history all have to say about the individual.

Pre-employment screening has become much more sophisticated, efficient and effective with the use of online tools.  You can obtain your pre-employment screening/ background check by contacting Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. your Background Check Experts at 1-770-426-0547.