Checkpoint labels create win, win, win, win for retailers

Using checkpoint labels with your checkpoint security system delivers a quadruple win situation in the battle against retail theft.

(In no particular order) we have win number one. The reduction in inventory shrinkage will translate over to boosted profit margins.  Losing inventory directly affects net margins.  A $10 item lost will take $200 to replace in a 2% net margin situation.  Keep that $10 item and you just added $200 to the available profit & net margin.

Second win on the list would be less retail theft means more stock on the shelves available for sale. Retailers often do not consider how using products such as checkpoint security tags deliver a measurable increase in sales.  Price Waterhouse Coopers recently studies a chain of supermarkets over a fourteen-week period and found that after the implementation of the checkpoint security system the net sales increase by over 9%.

Again in no particular order let’s take a look at another win; sending shoplifters (thieves) elsewhere and keeping them out of your store creates a better environment for staff and customers.

Last but certainly not least the presence of the anti theft devices means less retail theft, reducing shrinkage.  Typically retailers see a reduction in inventory losses of over 50% when implementing systems such as a checkpoint security system.

For more information on using anti theft devices go to: checkpoint labels 


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