Checkpoint Systems leads the anti shoplifting technology market

Checkpoint Systems out of New Jersey is the world’s leading manufacturer of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems helping retailers all over the globe reduce retail theft and increase profits.

The reason lies in the technology.   Checkpoint systems are based on radio frequency (RF) vs. the older accousto magnetic (AM) technology used by Tyco’s Sensormatic systems.  The RF system offers multiple advantages, one of the most used is the virtually unlimited use of labels.

Many retailers buy blank labels and print their pricing information directly on the  checkpoint labels.  This reduces labor and increases security at the same time.

Checkpoint systems labels can be custom printed in bulk to include logo art, safety instruction or just about anything you could want, which disguises the security tag.

RF technology is the leading technology in retail inventory management as well with the increasing use of RFID.  Retailers are currently using RFID to scan/ read product as it enters the dock and it immediately gets logged into inventory.  The technology exists to read the RF labels on products while on the shelf which will allow retailers to do instant store wide inventory or automate ordering based on shelf stock.

Checkpoint systems also can integrate into POS systems for various benefits, one being only deactivating labels that are actually scanned into the register.  This eliminates thieves running merchandise over an unoccupied counter to deactivate a labels and steal the product.

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