Retail Theft In Europe

From the amount of retail theft controls I saw in a recent visit to France and Germany retail theft must be alive and well there.  I saw extensive use of Checkpoint security systems and some CCTV.  In major department stores there are Checkpoint security systems at every customer entrance and exit.

What I also found very interesting is that they had Checkpoint systems at the escalator on each floor. This seems to be an attempt to keep the shoplifting public from taking merchandise to areas that may provide more concealment.

Retail theft there has as much impact if not more in Europe than in the U.S. Prices there are very high and are set to go higher with the addition of more taxes assessed by the governments. Does this sound familiar of what?

Over all anti shoplifting awareness seems to be extensive in Europe. I saw a considerable amount of signage that talked about what legal actions would be take with a person caught shoplifting . The signs were all in one language. Because those countries have an official language they did not seem to feel compelled to print them in other languages even though there are a considerable amount of people from all over the world living and working there.

In one case several years ago on another visit to Germany I saw a person who had been caught shoplifting being handled very sternly by the German Police. I have a lot of respect for the German Police and have worked with them on a number of occasions. They are not to be toyed with. The average citizen there avoids contact with them as the laws are very strict and they treat criminals like a criminal. How refreshing and what better anti shoplifting program could you ask for?

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