Called “Serving All Customers Better,” the course is for front-line security and service staff.

Christine Hanson, CEO of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, says the goal is to promote inclusive and welcoming environments for consumers.

The course was developed with the help of the Retail Council of Canada, and is meant to complement existing training.

Green Bay, retailers brainstorm to stop shoplifters

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Retailers and police teamed up in Green Bay on Tuesday for a summit to crack down on retail theft.

ITcame one day after Green Bay police arrested a woman for shoplifting, who had six previous shoplifting charges and eleven warrants — highlighting the importance of this meeting.

While shoplifting may sound like no big deal, police say it is.

Green Bay’s police chief says they see more complaints of retail theft every week than any other crime.

Police brought retailers from across Brown County together to brainstorm ways to prevent retail thefts.

As Action 2 News has been reporting over the last year, police have been trying new initiatives like sending people to jail, charging them in circuit court, or posting pictures of chronic offenders on Facebook.

While they say that’s working, they’re asking retailers to take steps, too. They suggest things like posting signs saying if you’re caught for retail theft, your car will be towed.

They’re also encouraging upgrades to surveillance cameras to get higher-quality images and make it easier to identify shoplifters.