Preventing Shoplifting Loss Thru Training

“It is of greater benefit to us to anticipate retail shrinkage, lax enforcement of controls, procedural defects that prevent shoplifting as opposed to concentrating only on resolving retail loss that need not have occurred”

We have trained tens of thousands of retail employees and management on theft prevention. Loss Prevention Systems training includes early warning signals of shoplifting that prevent shoplifting. If you prevent theft then you not only are ahead financially but you send the shoplifter down the street to your competitor.
Here are a few of our “early warning signals”
1 Unusually friendly relationships among employees and outsiders such as truck drivers, repairman and trash collectors. These outsiders can be in collusion with an employee who allows them to shoplift.
2 Customers that will only deal with one employee and refuse to buy from anyone else. This form of retail loss like the other two involves collusion.

3 Gifts or favors to accounts payable employees from suppliers or to accounts or to accounts receivable employees from customers.

Remember the key is to prevent theft and retail loss before it occurs!

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